An ode to humanity

I am in the process of writing a piece about where the world is at, and where I’d like to see it get to. This is the opening for that piece. I can’t promise when the rest will come – I’m still figuring it out slowly! But for now, I am happy with this beginning. So I hope you enjoy my brief ode to humanity.

I’m writing this piece because I care about making things better for other people. In no way am I trying to impose my opinions on anyone. These are just my thoughts on paper.

The vision.

A really peaceful, eco-friendly and technologically-advanced planet. That’s what I want!

I’ll tell you why I want this? Because I love trees. I love all kinds of trees – tall ones, short ones, green ones, red ones and yellow ones. I also love grass. I love the smell and feel of lying on freshly-cut grass while you watch the world go by. I love clean air and I love the sun. How good is the sun! That warm invigorate-your-soul kind of sun on a crisp Spring morning. And those birds! They’re up there in trees, singing and flying about, somehow making your problems seem unimportant. I love the idea of wild horses roaming free on some vast, green savannah somewhere in the world. I love being able to see the stars – millions of them – at night. I love the moon – how about that moon! And every now and then it’s so big and so great, that it’s like this exceptional lighthouse for the world. I love the oceans in all their vastness. You know, what’s down there! I don’t know, but their depths are frighteningly mysterious and wondrous. I love spectacular views. Those views that make you feel powerful and small all at the same time. Those views that are so expansive, you think that maybe – just maybe – you can see the turn of the Earth on the horizon out there. I love those uncomplicated, slow moments that being with nature can bring.

I’ll tell you what else I love? Man. You know, I love Man the most! Our species – us – we’ve been on a wild ride the last few thousand years or so. And here we are today – still hanging in there! And I want us to hang in there; for centuries and millennia to come. I mean, some dude created the light bulb – fuck yeah! How awesome it that! Can you imagine thinking up the light bulb when there was barely such a thing as electricity? I mean, what a legend! And then there were a few dudes over time that created Maths! Where would we be without Maths? Mathematical calculation and reasoning pretty much underpin everything around you! Heights, lengths, weights, balance – it’s all maths. I mean, that’s pretty sweet too! But wait, I think it gets better: what might have inspired these great individuals throughout time to come up with these ideas? They cared about people! They thought to themselves: “you know, if I can come up with an explanation for how energy and mass are properties of each other, then I feel I will have played my part in advancing Mankind’s investigation into the origins of the Universe.” How are you up there, Albert? You superstar! I love man because we can envisage and create all these wonderful things, and a lot of the time it’s motivated by a caring for one another.

I love these testaments to our Home in the Universe[1]. And so what I want is an environment that will encourage what I love to flourish in the most magnificent way. An environment defined by peaceful, supportive interaction across cultures. An environment where beneficial social outcomes are valued above all else. And I want these things not just for me. I want them for you. I want people to realise that social norms which pit you against society in some struggle for something – property, reputation, status – they’re distorted. They’re not how it really is. They merely define this game we play. A game that’s confined to a tiny zoned-off section on the infinite sea of knowledge. A game that, crucially, I can’t see delivering the environment we need for the things we love to flourish. I want people to feel their deepest intuition; the intuition that says you want to be connected with others in the most profound sense of the phrase. The intuition that says you want to be energised simply by being alive! And that you don’t need and have never needed anything else. I will illustrate as clearly as I can what I think the game is. My great hope is that upon realising its hopelessness, with some guidance, you will pursue a way to get out of it. And from when you – when everyone – begins to dance that dance, we will begin to create a world that swells the things we love.

[1] Yes, “Home” is personified – because we’re alive baby! Look at us live every day; isn’t it just awe-inspiring? What a galaxy. What a Universe! How about those stars! Making the sky sparkle every night, totally perfect in their arrangement. Is it not magic? Tell me how it is not magic! Tell me how it is not perfect!


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