Ben Dunlap – The life-long learner

This is such a wonderful, impassioned talk.

A moving quote from the talk:

“not long before Mr. Teszler’s own death at the age of 97, he heard me hold forth on human iniquity. I delivered a lecture in which I described history as, on the whole, a tidal wave of human suffering and brutality, and Mr. Teszler came up to me afterwards with gentle reproach and said, “You know, Doctor, human beings are fundamentally good.” And I made a vow to myself, then and there, that if this man who had such cause to think otherwise had reached that conclusion, I would not presume to differ until he released me from my vow. And now he’s dead, so I’m stuck with my vow.”

How true it is that the most wise, the most experienced among us always seem to fall upon this conclusion – that man is good.


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