Alan Watts

Alan Watts


Erfan Daliri

Erfan Daliri is an Australian poet and author who was originally born in India. I have recently started reading his book, Estaban’s Conclusions. In my opinion, his work rings true on a level akin to Paulo Coehlo’s The Alchemist and the poetry of Rumi. He has certainly found that place.

The Clouds exclaimed:

“Oh ye moving form of dust! Have you forgotten that we were once as one? Do you not recall the journey we once took from the sun?
Destined to land upon the branch of the tree, you became the apple and I the humble leaf,
The apple it was eaten to become one with your form, and I the leaf, in my longing for you, grew forlorn,
I threw myself from the branch but I was not caught by the graces of the wind, so I fell to the ground,
The moisture was ripped from my body as I screamed out your name, but you heard not my sound,
My form, it became one with the earth, my soul was returned to the atmosphere to rejoin the souls of my fallen peers,
Together we merged to form the clouds, and so it is that for all of these years we have watched you from here,
Lifetimes have passed and still we continue to cry, even as the ocean does heave and sigh,
As all of existence moves from one form to the next, still you fail to pause for but one moment to reflect,
Upon the oneness of our being and all that we have seen,
My dear friend I beg of you, call to mind the memories of all that we have seen … ”

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