Fynn (Sydney George Hopkins)

“On that evening in a street in East London I stood with a child in my arms and looked into that lonely cell of humanity. No book learning, no lecture has shown me more than those few moments. Lonely the cell may be, but dark never. It wasn’t dark behind those tear-filled eyes, but a blaze of light. And God made man in his own image, not in shape, not in intelligence, not in eyes or ears, not in hands or feet, but in his total inwardness. In here was the image of God. It isn’t the Devil in humanity that makes man a lonely creature, it’s his Godlikeness. It’s the fullness of the Good that can’t get out or can’t find its proper ‘other place’ that makes for loneliness.”

– Fynn in Mister God, this is Anna.

Fynn was born in 1919 in East London. I get the feeling he was an incredible human being. He also had the great fortune of meeting a girl named Anna.


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