Mister God, This is Anna – 3

“How many bits of glass are you lumbered with?”

“I got millions, but they’re all for fun.”

“What about the bits you can’t get rid of?” I went on.

“I have.”

“Have what?”

“Got rid of them.”

“You reckon you know more than Rev. Castle?”


“He got bits of glass?”


“How come you haven’t got bits of glass?”

“Oh, ‘cos I ain’t frightened.”

Now, that’s probably the most missable sentence that can be uttered. Missable because that’s what it’s all about. Missable because it is too damned expensive, missable because the price of not being frightened is trust. And what a word that is! Define it how you like, and I’ll bet you miss the main point! It’s more than confidence, more than security; it doesn’t belong to ignorance or, for that matter, knowledge either. It is simply the ability to move out of the ‘I’m the centre of all things’ and to let something or someone take over. And as for Anna, she had simply moved out and let Mister God move in. I’d known about this for a long time.


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