To be in love with yourself

There is no ‘the secret’ to it all – like some silver bullet, slicing through the complexities of what it means to exist and to be. When you really sign on to that, when you find yourself time and again feeling in awe and overwhelmed by the great mysteries of life and beyond, and it feels right, and you like it that way, then, I think, you’re really going places.

But in the meantime, I think there is a thing to know which will help you get on in this time and place. A time and place of bread and circuses! That thing is this: you need to love yourself. You need to be full up with love for yourself. This means that right now, right at this very second, knowing you are worthy; worthy of whatever it is you would like to be worthy of. It is knowing that in spite of any possible circumstances that might befall you, that might seem to shatter your reality, you are nonetheless a perfect picture of you. And that you needed that tragedy or that drama, because it’s going to develop your character in a way that the deepest corner of your soul was crying out for.

When you can stare at yourself in the mirror and be truly honest with yourself, when you can inspect the knots and the wounds and the glories, when you can see and feel how every part on display is a fundamentally necessary part of you, then you are free. And when you are free, you can be. And to be, is to feel the rapture of being alive – the point, if there ever were one, of being here.

You might have heard it said that the wisest among us are the jokers. Because it is the jokers who, more than anyone else, from deep, deep down, from another life perhaps, can laugh at themselves. They can laugh at what some might say are their shortcomings. They can laugh at what some might say are the key aspects to their character. They can laugh because they know that that thing is a necessary part of them. They need that part of them to be them. And that there’s nothing wrong with it. Because after all, what they are, is the perfect manifestation of all the power and all the energy that the very fabric of existence in totality depends. So, that part is quite important.

So, love yourself! Be full up to the brim with love for yourself. Because you are the hero of your own story, the lead in your own epic dance of life.


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