Peter O. Erbe

“Listen to the stillness within.
Do not bring the gravity of Self-importance
into your moment of solitude, but come unto the Spirit
with the light-heartedness of the young who are in
awe and wonder of the first morning in spring
where all things are new and germinate.
There is a sense of adventure, as with the young eagle
when spreading his wings for his virgin flight.
He knows he has to abandon his nest to soar the skies;
he also knows he has to be bold. It is something he must do
on his own, there is no help. There is expectancy of newness,
of wide and bright horizons, and the promise that all is well.
It is by dropping the shackles of the known that you glimpse
your possibilities and in the moment of forgetfulness
of nest-security the thrilling flight of the Soul is born.”